Wedding Program

Bali, the God-gifted land of paradise has long been recognized as one of the best choices for wedding ceremony and honeymoon. In the past years, numerous wedding ceremonies and honeymoons took place in Bali.

Bali Merita Villa is uniquely and well equipped to provide the finest wedding service for those who want to have their once-in-a-life-time wedding in Bali.

峇里島-一直以來都是人們認定為神所賜於的人間天堂。特殊的地理位置,造就了無限浪漫的風格,它一直是人們舉辦婚禮與享受蜜 月假期的最佳選擇。近幾年來,更是有許多新人來到峇里島舉辦婚禮,希望共享這個上帝賜於的浪漫和永恆.

巴里美麗田別墅透過用心、創新的理念, 特別提供獨特的婚禮服務,為希望在峇里島舉辦一生一次婚禮的新人們,打造最幸福的承諾和留下最美好的回憶.